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Sequencing Analysis Known miRNA Identification

ncPRO-seq is a tool for annotation and profiling of ncRNAs using deep-sequencing data. This comprehensive and flexible ncRNA analysis pipeline, aims in interrogating and performing detailed analysis on small RNAs derived from annotated non-coding regions in miRBase, Rfam and repeatMasker, and regions defined by users. The ncPRO-seq pipeline also has a module to identify regions significantly enriched with short reads that can not be classified as known ncRNA families.

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Last Software Update: Feb. 2, 2016
Publication Date: Oct. 7, 2012
Citations: 48 [via Pubmed]

Organism Specific:
  • human
  • mouse
  • worm
  • fly
  • Arabidopsis
  • any (local)

  • Reference Genome Needed: (online) / (local)
    Online/Local: /
    Installation/User Level: advanced
    User Adjustability:
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    Precomputed Target Results Available For Download:
    License: GPLv2
    Sequencing Analysis
    Algorithm Features:
  • known miRNA identification
  • other ncRNA identification

  • Sequencing Platform Specific: any
    PARE/CLIP-Seq: /
    Known miRNA Identification
    NGS Data Needed:

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