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Tools4miRs is a first, manually curated platform gathering at the present over 170 methods for the broadly-defined miRNA analysis. All tools in Tools4miRs are classified in the four general and seven more detailed categories. In each of the aforementioned sections user can additionally filter available methods according to his research needs, capabilities and preferences. Beside basic summary seen at first glance, the user can get detailed information concerning each tool. Tools4miRs is also a web-based target prediction meta-server incorporating user-designated target prediction methods in the analysis of user-provided data. Results generated by described meta-server can be presented in basic and extended form, while user can can additionally filter them using Union, Intersection or Consensus method. Tools4miRs is free, open-access service which will be systematically updated.
miRNA Biogenesis and Function
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Latest Literature
  • Telling footprints: exon junction complexes mark targets of nonsense- and miRNA-mediated mRNA decay.
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  • LidNA, a miRNA inhibitor constructed with unmodified DNA, requires an xxxA insertion sequence in miRNA binding site for its potent inhibitory activity.
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  • Identifying a new microRNA signature as a prognostic biomarker in colon cancer.
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  • MicroRNA-155 governs SHIP-1 expression and localization in NK cells and regulates subsequent infiltration into murine AT3 mammary carcinoma.
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  • The association between microRNA-21 and hypertension-induced cardiac remodeling.
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  • MicroRNA exporter HuR clears the internalized pathogens by promoting pro-inflammatory response in infected macrophages.
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  • A conserved sequence signature is essential for robust plant miRNA biogenesis.
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  • Integrated mRNA and miRNA transcriptome analysis reveals a regulatory network for tuber expansion in Chinese yam (Dioscorea opposita).
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  • Correction to: Identifying miRNA synergism using multiple-intervention causal inference.
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  • CRISPR screening strategies for microRNA target identification.
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  • MicroRNA expression and DNA methylation profiles do not distinguish between primary and recurrent well-differentiated liposarcoma.
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  • The internal loops in the lower stem of primary microRNA transcripts facilitate single cleavage of human Microprocessor.
    Nguyen TL, Nguyen TD, Bao S, Li S, Nguyen TA
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  • miR-TV: an interactive microRNA Target Viewer for microRNA and target gene expression interrogation for human cancer studies.
    Pan CY, Lin WC
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  • miRNA and circRNA expression patterns in mouse brain during toxoplasmosis development.
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  • Deep neural networks for human microRNA precursor detection.
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