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Tools4miRs is a first, manually curated platform gathering at the present over 170 methods for the broadly-defined miRNA analysis. All tools in Tools4miRs are classified in the four general and seven more detailed categories. In each of the aforementioned sections user can additionally filter available methods according to his research needs, capabilities and preferences. Beside basic summary seen at first glance, the user can get detailed information concerning each tool. Tools4miRs is also a web-based target prediction meta-server incorporating user-designated target prediction methods in the analysis of user-provided data. Results generated by described meta-server can be presented in basic and extended form, while user can can additionally filter them using Union, Intersection or Consensus method. Tools4miRs is free, open-access service which will be systematically updated.
miRNA Biogenesis and Function
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Latest Literature
  • MiRNA profiles in blood plasma from mother-child duos in human biobanks and the implication of sample quality: Circulating miRNAs as potential early markers of child health.
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  • Structural Basis for pri-miRNA Recognition by Drosha.
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  • Cryo-EM Structures of Human Drosha and DGCR8 in Complex with Primary MicroRNA.
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  • The miR-9b microRNA mediates dimorphism and development of wing in aphids.
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  • Correction: An explorative study identifies miRNA signatures for the diagnosis of non-celiac wheat sensitivity.
    PLOS ONE Staff
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  • Glomerular endothelial derived vesicles mediate podocyte dysfunction: A potential role for miRNA.
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  • MLK3 is a newly identified microRNA-520b target that regulates liver cancer cell migration.
    Zhang F, Zhu Y, Wu S, Hou G, Wu N, Qian L, Yang D
    PLoS One. 2020;15(3):e0230716 Pubmed >>
  • Salivary microRNA miR-let-7a-5p and miR-3928 could be used as potential diagnostic bio-markers for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
    Fadhil RS, Wei MQ, Nikolarakos D, Good D, Nair RG
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  • Ago2-Dependent Processing Allows miR-451 to Evade the Global MicroRNA Turnover Elicited during Erythropoiesis.
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  • Position-wise binding preference is important for miRNA target site prediction.
    Talukder A, Li X, Hu H
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  • primirTSS: An R package for identifying cell-specific microRNA transcription start sites.
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  • Correction for Hsu et al., Phenotypical microRNA screen reveals a noncanonical role of CDK2 in regulating neutrophil migration.

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  • Endothelium-Targeted Deletion of microRNA-15a/16-1 Promotes Post-Stroke Angiogenesis and Improves Long-Term Neurological Recovery.
    Sun P, Zhang K, Hassan SH, Zhang X, Tang X, Pu H, Stetler RA, Chen J, Yin K
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  • Genome-wide analysis of MicroRNA-messenger RNA interactome in ex-vivo gill filaments, Anguilla japonica.
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  • Genome-wide integrative analysis of circular RNA dysregulation and the corresponding circular RNA-microRNA-mRNA regulatory axes in autism.
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  • Postprandial transfer of colostral extracellular vesicles and their protein and miRNA cargo in neonatal calves.
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  • miRNA profiling in renal carcinoma suggest the existence of a group of pro-angionenic tumors in localized clear cell renal carcinoma.
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  • Combining feature selection and shape analysis uncovers precise rules for miRNA regulation in Huntington's disease mice.
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  • Pancreatic β cell microRNA-26a alleviates type 2 diabetes by improving peripheral insulin sensitivity and preserving β cell function.
    Xu H, Du X, Xu J, Zhang Y, Tian Y, Liu G, Wang X, Ma M, Du W, Liu Y, Dai L, Huang W, Tong N, Wei Y, Fu X
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  • miRNA expression profiling of hereditary breast tumors from BRCA1- and BRCA2-germline mutation carriers in Brazil.
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